Stare Master

Stare Master
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Date February 25th, 2011
Theme Light humor
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Stare Master is the seventeenth episode of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was aired on February 25th, 2011 on The Hub. It is about Fluttershy being very good with animals but not as good with Children. The moral of the episode involves the metaphor, biting off more than you can chew.


The episode starts out showing Sweetie Belle and Rarity at their house. Rarity is doing a very difficult order and is running around trying to find specific things for her robes. Due to Sweetie Belle wanting to help, she tries to grab the roll of ribbon on the top shelf, causing a very large mess throughout the whole shop. After Rarity cleans up the mess, Fluttershy stops by to drop off Rarity's pet. Rarity explains to Fluttershy how she is going to have one heck of a time trying to fill her order, Fluttershy heads to the door when Apple Bloom and Scootaloo come in through the door.

The 3 girls start talking about their sleep over party in hopes of finding their Cutie Mark's when Rarity tells them that they can't stay the night over at Rarity's place due to Sweetie Belle using up all of the gold fabric. Fluttershy steps in and immediately tells them it is fine for them to come back to her place to have the sleep over. Excited, they run off to Fluttershy's Cottage.

Rarity's house a mess after Sweetie Belle tried to help

When they get to the cottage, they start trying to figure out what their cutie marks are immediately. They begin saying ideas that might get them their cutie marks while Fluttershy is trying to calm them down to do nice quiet things. They get the idea that they should go into the Everfree Forest and find monsters and become monster hunters. But, while playing around acting like they are finding a monster, they end up breaking a table. After saying sorry, they end up trying to fix the table by trying to be carpenters. They do not fix the table, but in fact make it something entirely different than a table.

Fluttershy tries one more time to have them play a game. The game is called “Shh” and only lasted a mere 5 seconds before the cutie mark crusaders resume destroying her house. After a while, Fluttershy calms them down to head off to bed. She sends them to bed and heads downstairs. As they act like they are falling asleep, they come up with a plan to leave Fluttershy’s place to head to the Everfree Forest for the night because a chicken got free of her cage during the night. Fluttershy takes notice of her place being far too quiet and goes up to check on them. Scared something might happen to them, rushes out of the house being aware of a torn cutie mark crusader cape (Scootaloo’s) and the chicken has gone missing. Fluttershy heads into the forest to attempt to save the girls.

Upon walking into the forest, Fluttershy finds a rock version of Twilight Sparkle laying in the ground, then she knows that there is a Cockatrice in this forest. She hurries up and finds the girls. Explains to the girls that a Cockitrice is an animal with the head of a chicken and a body of a snake. It also has the ability to turn animals to stone if they look into its eyes. In disbelief, the girls move on to find the chicken when they notice there a two chickens. However, one soon reveals it is a Cockitrice and turns the real chicken to stone.

After the Cockatrice corners the girls and Fluttershy, Fluttershy begins to yell at the Cockatrice to quit what he is doing. He tries to turn Fluttershy into stone but soon gets too scared of Fluttershy to continue and turns Twilight Sparkle and her chicken back to normal. Fluttershy's stare stops animals from doing whatever they're doing and almost completely forces them to do whatever Fluttershy tells them to do. Upon going back to Fluttershys place, you hear Twilight mention that Fluttershy is good with kids. She wouldn't consider herself very good with kids like she is with animals. However, when Rarity came by to pick them up, Rarity mentioned that she is the best babysitter she's ever seen.

There is a letter to Princess Celestia, but it was not spoken out loud in this episode.

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