Suited for Success

Suited for Success
Date February 4th 2011
Theme Biting off more than you can chew
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The episode Suited for Success is the 14th episode in the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was first aired on the Hub on the 4th of February, 2011. It features Rarity as the main character.


The episode starts with Rarity making a dress for The Grand Galloping Gala when Twilight Sparkle and Applejack enter, asking Rarity to fix a button on Twilight's garish Gala dress. Rarity refuses to let Twilight wear such a horrible piece of clothing to the event and insists that Twilight allows her to design a dress for her to wear at the Gala. Upon hearing that Applejack intends to wear her work duds, Rarity decides to design a dress for her as well. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash crashes heavily into the workshop and Rarity has a brilliant idea. She will create dresses for all her friends, including Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, then she will hold a Fashion Show to display them. Twilight and Applejack are a little uneasy about Rarity taking on such a big task, she shrugs them off and assures them that it will be no trouble.

Rarity spends days perfecting the gowns and calls all the ponies over to see her creations. Five beautiful dresses to match each ponies personality. Covered in shimmering stars for Twilight's magical ability, inspired by nature for Fluttershy, reminiscent of the sky for Rainbow Dash, bright and exciting for Pinkie Pie and not overly frilly for Applejack. Her friends, though, are not entirely impressed, Twilight stating that the dresses, though nice, are "not what they had in mind". A little taken aback, Rarity bounces back and exclaims that she will make another set of dresses that must be perfect.

She then invites each of the ponies over so they can give constructive criticism to the dresses, she works hard to get Fluttershy to give criticism on hers, revealing a huge knowledge of sewing and some specific criticism. Fluttershy requests French Haute Couture for her dress. Twilight wants the constellations on her dress to be exact to how they are seen in the sky and teaches Rarity about them. Pinkie Pie asks for candy, balloons and, finally, streamers, when Rarity questions this she receives the exclamation "Do it!". Applejack wants simple and weather friendly. Rainbow Dash asks for her clothing to be the ambiguous "20% cooler". Throughout this time Rarity becomes increasingly stressed, her mane becomes unkempt and frizzy, contrary to it's normally perfected self.

Slightly disgusted with the dresses (although each of her friends think her's is "perfect"), Rarity is relieved her job is over and that the ponies like their gowns, until an excited Spike enters the room and tells her that Hoity Toity is in town and wants to see her Fashion Show, which Spike has told him about. Rarity is horrified with the idea of the fashion critique coming to see the ugly dresses, knowing that the inevitable bad feedback she would receive could end her career that she had worked so hard for.

On the night of the show the dresses are revealed to the audiences, each as ugly and unfashionable as the last. Fluttershy has a large birds nest atop her head, a bright neck collar and a vulgar green piece of cloth draped over her flank. Rainbow Dash is wearing a Roman-like headpiece with rainbow tips and armour inspired clothing with a red piece of cloth, displaying her Cutie Mark sits above her tail. Twilight Sparkle is wearing a dark purple piece of cloth, covered in intricate designs that hurt the eyes and a rather prominent headpiece with small stars sticking out above her head. Pinkie Pie has, what appears to be, a large cupcake on top of her head, a bright and clashing dress clinging to her coat and a cluster of balloons, threatening to take flight at any given moment, is stuck in her fluffy tail. Applejack wears a bright red hat that sticks out like a comedic bump to the head, bright yellow Wellington boots on her hooves and a brown, green and red garment tied to her body.

The audience stare in shock at the pieces of clothing, not bothering to hide their hatred for the outfits, the ponies had strutted with pride and dignity but now glance around at the audiences disappointed faces and worry that they haven't made the right decisions with their dresses. Hoity Toity describes the dresses as "a piled on mish-mash of everything but the kitchen sink". Rarity is disappointed and saddened by this and is hesitant in showing herself as the creator of the outfits.

Rarity "exiles" herself to her bedroom, sporting a shorter version her hair and wearing a pale pink bed robe, and has a dramatic breakdown, crying and wailing that her career has been destroyed forever and that she is a humiliated laughing stock. Pinkie Pie openly worries that she could become a "Crazy cat lady", despite the fact she only owns one cat ("give her time"). The rest of the Mane Six are unable to get the fashion designer to leave her room, but notice her unfinished gown for the Grand Galloping Gala. Whilst looking outside the window, Rarity notices Opalescence, her cat, stuck at the top of a tree, she heroically runs outside to save her, forgetting her contemplations of leaving Ponyville for the moment, before noticing that Rainbow Dash was the one that but the cat there. The group then show her that, thanks to Fluttershy's insane knowledge of sewing, they had been able to complete Rarity's beautiful Gala dress.

Hoity Toity agrees to attend another private fashion show and Rarity displays her original gowns and her own (red-pink with intricate gold detail and a layered hem), he is shocked and amazed by the quality of the dresses and requests that Rarity allow him to display the gowns in Canterlot Boutique and that she make twelve of each one within a week.

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