Swarm of the Century

Swarm of the Century
Date December 17th, 2010
Theme Listen to friends
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Swarm of the Century is the tenth episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on television channel named The Hub on December 17th, 2010.


The episode begins showing Fluttershy picking flowers for Princess Celestia with her animal friends. Nonchalantly picking up flowers, she hears a sound and gets scared. Hiding behind the apple basket the first Parasprite appears behind a rock. Fluttershy mentions that it is one of the cutest things she has seen before and noticed it was hungry. She smashes an apple thinking the tiny thing would only need a little bit of food but the parasprite ends up eating every apple other than the one that Fluttershy smashed. After it snacked it nested in Fluttershy’s hair and she headed back to Ponyville with her flowers and the parasprite.

In the next scene, it shows Twilight Sparkle and Spike arguing because they are not cleaning the library fast enough for Princess Celestia’s visit to Ponyville. Eventually Twilight Sparkle leaves and let’s Spike clean the whole house by himself while she is out making sure everything is perfect for her visit. She is walking around town when she notices that a sign mentions ‘Princess Celest’, the ponies didn’t have enough room to finish writing out her name. Twilight Sparkle tells them that they need to do everything all over again. She makes it to the bakery where Pinkie Pie is eating all of the sweets that are for Princess Celestia. Her reasoning is she wants to make sure each sweet is fit for Princess Celestia to enjoy. Just before Twilight Sparkle tells her to stop, Fluttershy comes running into the bakery excited about the Parasprite. Explaining that she found the Parasprite at the edge of the Everfree Forest, the Parasprite comes out with 2 more of them. Twilight Sparkle ends up taking one of the 3 Parasprites with her, while Pinkie Pie knows what they are and begins grabbing instruments to get rid of the parasprites later on.

Next shows Rarity working on a dress for Rainbow Dash to look nice for [Princess Celestia]]. Rainbow Dash makes a remark that it is boring to sit there and let Rarity work on her clothing. Twilight Sparkle walks in to see how things are moving along and notices Rainbow Dash’s clothing looks beautiful. As they are talking, they hear the Parasprites in Twilight Sparkles mane. This time there is 3 more parasprites flying around Rarity’s house. Puzzled, Twilight tells the two that there was only 1 parasprite in her mane when she left the sweet shop. They (Rainbow Dash and Rairty) take one off of Twilight Sparkles hands to keep as a pet. Just then, Pinkie Pie comes in and asks for more instruments. They completely ignore Pinkie Pie’s request for any instrument and she runs off angry.

The next day everyone that has a Parasprite is having the same sort of problem. Every pony that has a parasprite is now trying to get rid of the massive amount of parasprites that were born during the night. They assume that Fluttershy will have the answer, but when they head over to her house the parasprites are even worse over at her house. Eventually they round up all of the parasprites using Applejack’s herding ability and get them into a giant ball. They roll the ball all the way to the Everfree Forest, but while doing so Pinkie Pie comes in asking for more instruments and wondering why no pony is going to help her. After they let them free in the Everfree forest, they head back to Fluttershy’s place to see that she kept one because they are so cute. The new batch of the Parasprites head straight for Ponyville to eat everything in Ponyville, causing a lot of havoc.

At Ponyville, they see all of the Parasprite's eating all of the food throughout the town. To attempt stopping the parasprites from eating all of the food, Twilight Sparkle casts a spell that stops them from wanting food. The spell actually works and causes the parasprites to stop eating food. Though, instead of food, they begin to eat the buildings of Ponyville. All of the decorations and stuff are being destroyed by the parasprites when Princess Celestia comes to the outskirts of Ponyville. She is there early to inform Twilight Sparkle that she will not be able to come to Ponyville due to complications. While she is explaining this, Pinkie Pie comes by them with all of her instruments, playing them, causing the Parasprites to follow her back to the Everfree Forest.

Letter To Princess Celestia

There is no letter to Princess Celestia This episode.

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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