Sweet Apple Acres

Sweet Apple Acres
Location Ponyville
Residents Apple Family

Sweet Apple Acres

Sweet Apple Acres is a farm that resides on the outskirts Ponyville. It is home to Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, and the rest of the Apple Family. This farm is in charge of providing food for the Summer Sun Celebration. It is not known who actually owns the farm, but Applejack seems to take a leadership role quite often.

It is possible that the farm is owned by either Applejack or Granny Smith, as both have an aura of leadership surrounding them. Granny Smith is the eldest, so she is the one who probably owns it.

Is is the biggest, if not only, source of apples in Ponyville and Applejack often leaves the farm and enters the town to sell their stock of apples and baked goods that they sell. On the farm, Big Macintosh ploughs the fields, Applejack bucks the apples (usually helped by Big Mac)) and Granny Smith seemingly bakes the cupcakes and pies, though it is hinted that Applejack does this as well, or helps out at least.

Sweet Apple Acres is the place where Twilight Sparkle first met Applejack who was her first friend, all though she didn't accept it at the time. It was then that she was introduced to the Apple Family, which was later revealed to only be the reunion and that many ponies didn't live in the farm, infact, the workload is seemingly too much for the small amount of ponies that do live there. It was the place that Pinkie Pie's surprise party was held in Party of One and the location of the Iron Pony Competition.

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