The Best Night Ever

The Best Night Ever
Season No. 1
Episode No. 26
Date May 6th, 2011
Written by Amy Keating Rogers
Theme Expectations
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The episode begins with Pinkie Pie being ecstatic about the Grand Galloping Gala that will happen tonight. While expressing her joy, she is jumping around on a trampoline annoying Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle is attempting to read, trying to learn a spell before the Grand Galloping Gala when Rarity comes out of the Carousel Boutique noticing Pinkie Pie. She doesn’t want Pinkie Pie to be all sweaty before putting on her dress for the Gala and causes Pinkie Pie to stop bouncing altogether. Jumping off of the trampoline, Pinkie Pie notices Twilight Sparkle is reading her book pretty thoroughly. Asking Spike what Twilight is doing, he mentions that she is learning a spell for them for the Gala. While this is going on, Rarity is getting impatient waiting on the other girls to show up. As she is wondering where the other ponies were, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy show up just in time to see Twilight Sparkle’s new spells. She lays down an apple and magically transforms it into a carriage for the ponies to ride in to the Gala. Not done, she shows another spell using some of Fluttershy’s mice that she brought with her, assuring her that the mice will not be harmed in the process. With one attempt with the spell, she turns the mice into large horses to move the carriage. However due to them being near the Carousel Boutique, Opalescence comes out of the bushes and jumps on top of one of the mice, frightening all 4 mice. This causes them to run away. Worried, Twilight mentions wonders how will they be able to make it to the Gala now. Not worried, Rarity moves over to her neighbor’s house and makes a dramatic performance asking if there are any ponies or horse willing to pull them to the Gala. Immediately 2 ponies happily agree to help out the girls’ dilemma. [theme song]

The next scene shows Pinkie Pie stepping down on button to turn on a hair dryer while Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Applejack are getting their hair dried. Pinkie Pie flies back from the power of the dryer and they start hearing knocking from the door. It is Spike asking to come inside the room. Without thinking, Rainbow Dash starts walking to the door to let him in. When she is done mentioning that she will let him in, Rarity stops her at the door explaining that they are still getting dressed. Applejack mentions that most of the ponies do not normally wear clothes. Rarity sighs and ends up letting Spike into the room, explaining to him that certain ponies have standards. He comes in excited about tonight, explaining that they will be able to hang out all night. But, every pony except for Twilight seemed to be really preoccupied with what they want to do at the Gala. Each one of them explains to him that they will be busy trying to have fun and attempting to do what they wanted to do (mentioned back in episode three, The Ticket Master). Twilight assures him that they will be hanging out with each other at some point at the Gala. On their way to the Gala, Spike is talking to the ponies, trying to say that it is going to be blast at the Gala. But he soon realizes that the girls are way too busy with trying to do what they’ve wanted to do since episode 3 to even notice him.

Upon making it to the Grand Galloping Gala, Spike lets them out of the apple carriage. As they walk by, he notices that each one of them is dressed very appropriate for the occasion. He mentions that they “all look amazing” and reveals all 6 of the ponies. Though Spike mentioned how beautiful they looked, they ignored him because they were busy looking at the Gala. Twilight mentions that they were finally at the Grand Galloping Gala and that they will make this the best night ever (hence the title of the episode). This is preceded by a song where they sing each of their ideal night at the gala:

At the Gala

After the song finishes, they are all standing at the castle entrance and are in awe of being here at this moment. Spike mentions that this will be the best night ever because they can hang out. But, as he is saying this, they all run off away from him.

The Best Night Ever, part 1

You see Twilight Sparkle rushing to see Princess Celestia through the castle, where she is standing at the top of steps thanking guests for coming to the Gala. Princess Celestia mentions that Twilight should stand right beside her the whole night to be able to catch up with each other. Twilight gladly accepts and is relieved that this is going according to how she wanted the night to play out. At the bottom of the steps, Rarity is seen walking around looking around for Prince Blueblood and when she finally spots him; he is walking out a door to the garden. She immediately rushes over to try and attempt talking to him. Explaining to herself that “he is everything I imagined”. As she starts moving over to talk, the scene moves onward to what Fluttershy is doing. She is following a meadowlark around the garden when she hears a whistle that sounds like the meadowlark is calling her. She instinctively she sings out to get the meadowlark to call out again and follows the voice. Moving onward to Applejack where she is setting up her shop. She kicks her stand open and pretty instantaneously Soarin’ comes over. He buys a apple pie and Applejack makes a remark that she made a sale just like she mentioned (in episode 3). Moving to the VIP section, Soarin’ almost drops his apple pie when he speaks to Spitfire. Just then, Rainbow Dash comes in a saves the pie before hitting the ground. She is thanked by Soarin’ and Spitfire ends up recognizing her from the Young Fliers Competition and asks her if she wants to hang out with them. Rainbow Dash gladly accepts and the next scene moves on to Pinkie Pie. As always, Pinkie Pie is extremely excited for any occasion. She eventually begins singing about the Gala, annoying every other pony in the ball room and soon realizing that the Gala was not what she was expecting along with the other ponies.


Rarity in the next scene is shown sniffing a flower when non other, Prince Blueblood greets her and mentions his name to her. She bashfully mentions her name back and makes a remark about the lovely rose she was just looking at. Prince Blueblood picks up the rose out of the bush and holds it out to Rarity for a brief moment. Her face lights up in joy that her dream will come true right here when he cuts the stem of the rose and keeps the rose for himself. He makes a remark that it goes with his eyes and Rarity looks disappointed that he wasn’t charming in that instance.

Moving back to Fluttershy, she is trying to find her lovely meadowlark that is singing to her. She sings one more time to verify its position and rushes to go see it. Running through the garden, she manages to make it to where the meadowlark might be, only to find out that it is a mule cleaning up the fallen leaves whistling whilst he works. She walks off in disappointment, trying to hide in her tears as she notices some sounds up ahead. Upon looking up, she sees many different species that she would like to interact with. Moving closer to them, the animals all scatter away, causing her to believe that she talked too loud.

Briefly you see Rainbow Dash at her party she was let in by the Wonderbolts. Being a rather crowded and noisy place, she had to weave through a couple ponies to get back to Spitfire and Soarin’. However once she got to them, she noticed that the room was far too loud and they could not hear her when she was talking.

The next area shown is the steps that lead up to Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle. Princess Celestia is at the top of the steps greeting all of the new arrival ponies, thanking them for coming to the Grand Galloping Gala. After she finishes thanking the next pony, Twilight Sparkle mentions that she is excited to have Twilight standing next to her this evening. Princess Celestia attempts to make a remark that she is very happy that she came also, but soon gets interrupted by the next pony in line. She attempts talking to Twilight whenever there is a break in between each pony, but Twilight soon realizes that she will not be able to speak to her anytime soon and becomes disappointed.

Applejack at her concession stand eagerly awaits for more people to buy her products after making her first sale within the first minute. It then skips ahead to her second, forth, sixth, and sixtieth minute and does not make another sale since the beginning with Soarin’. She then mentions that it is not what she imagined back in episode three, The Ticket Master. In fact, all of the ponies start realizing that the Gala is not going how they imagined. After cycling through each pony mentioning they thought it would be better, they proudly mention that this night was what they wanted all their life and will force the night to be the best night ever.

The Best Night Ever, part 2

After the break, there is a box with a stick propping it up with a string underneath the stick, a very typical cartoon trap for catching animals. Fluttershy places a carrot underneath the box and mentions that she needs to be bolder like Twilight Sparkle mentioned to her. She backs up and openly apologizes for scaring the animals and fakes leaving the garden. She hides with the string and waits for an animal to take the bait. After hearing some crunching, she activates the trap and mentions that she is sorry that she did it, but she wants to be friends with the animal. Only to find out, it is once again the mule that she met earlier.

Rainbow Dash is looking over at Spitfire, making a remark that she needs to be noticed again for them to want to talk to her. Upon looking around, she notices another pony with a drink. Off of her quick thinking, she pushes the pony into the air, causing her to save him before he crashed into the group. After saving the pony, she looks back over at Spitfire and she did not notice her one bit. Disappointed, she storms off rather angry pushing the pony she saved off of her onto the group.

In the background of Rainbow Dash storming off, Rarity and Prince Blueblood are making their way through the party. Rarity is trying to give him a chance in being chivalrous and lo and behold there is a puddle in front of the two. Prince Blueblood mentions that it would be misfortunate for someone to slip and fall in the water and mentions that one should place a piece of clothing down to let the step over it. Looking over a Rarity, she hopes for him to want to help her out but ends up using her own portion of her clothing to let them walk past the puddle. Angry, she is determined to find out whether he is going to actually be chivalrous.

Absolute Disaster

Moving onward to Pinkie Pie, she tells the band to do a song that closely resembles the Hokey Pokey and begins singing in the ballroom. The song plays as it shows clips of each of the ponies’ bad time trying to enjoy the Grand Galloping Gala. Each verse deals partially with each scene and after the song ends, the crowd in the ballroom mentions to Pinkie Pie that this Gala shouldn’t have those sorts of songs being sung. The episode gains speed as each scene gets progressively worse for each pony (except for Twilight Sparkle. She isn’t seen until a little bit later) and eventually everything goes chaotic. Applejack is attempting to sell her updated apple products, Rarity is still trying to get Prince Blueblood to be chivalrous for her, Pinkie Pie is still trying to get the party to be up to her standards. After a cake is flown into the air because of Pinkie Pie and hits Rarity because Prince Blueblood used her as a shield, Rarity finally loses it and yells at Blueblood. Telling him that he is a horrendous prince, all the while Blueblood is trying to not become dirty. After he panics and hits a sculpture, Rainbow Dash decides it is time to try and attempt one last time at impressing the Wonderbolts by saving the ponies from the statue. However soon enough the statue is too top heavy and causes her to knock over all of the pillars. Fluttershy’s problem with having the animals love her. Because she can’t control any of the animals, she ends up making them stampede in the ball room, causing all 6 ponies to run away from the Grand Galloping Gala.


At a nearby shop, Spike is eating donuts and drinking hot chocolate at the counter when the 6 main ponies come into the store. Spike gets up and asks them how the Grand Galloping Gala went and they get to talking about what happens. After some time, Spike makes a remark that it was the worst night ever and they all ended up agreeing and having a blast together talking about their horrible nights. They realize that it would have been better of them to stuck together and had fun that way rather than go their separate ways. Eventually Princess Celestia also shows up at the shop, mentioning that it was the best Grand Galloping Gala ever. She mentions that she hates how formal it is and wanted the 6 main ponies’ unique mindsets to make the party better, though not knowing it would end that badly. They all laugh about the night and the episode ends with them laughing.

Letter To Princess Celestia

Technically at the end Twilight Sparkle mentions to Princess Celestia that friends are important, but it is not really a letter to her.

Episode Transcript

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