The Cutie Pox/Transcript

Apple Bloom: Today's the day, Cutie Mark Crusaders! I can just feel it! Today's the day we're all gonna get our cutie marks in... bowling!
Scootaloo: Woohoo!
Sweetie Belle: [muffled "woo", then spits out her bag] I mean, yay!
Apple Bloom: Why, after today we won't even be the Cutie Mark Crusaders anymore. We'll be the... The Three Strikes!
Scootaloo: That makes us sound like we've struck out.
Apple Bloom: Hmmmm... how 'bout The Pin Twins?!
Sweetie Belle: But there are three of us.
Apple Bloom: OK then. Um. The Bowling Dolls!
Sweetie Belle: The Bowling Dolls, that's it!
Scootaloo: Perfect!
Apple Bloom: Alrighty then, let's bowl 'em over!
[Apple Bloom spits her ball down the lane, seemingly getting a strike. Ponies cheer.]
Alley Patron: Cool! A bowling cutie mark!
Apple Bloom: I did it! I did it!
[chering continues]
Apple Bloom: Blank?
[Another young stallion walks by revealing his newfound ball and pin cutie mark.]
Apple Bloom: But... but... but what about my ball?!
[Apple Bloom's ball continues down her lane, gently coming to rest against the center pin.]
[ theme ]
Sweetie Belle: That bowling sure was fun. Even if all I got was gutterballs.
Scootaloo: Yeah. At least you were able to keep your ball in your lane. I don't think Mr. Kingpin is ever gonna let me play again. Hey! Maybe I could get my cutie mark in demolition!
Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle: [laughter]
Scootaloo: Aw, come on Apple Bloom.
Sweetie Belle: I know just what you need to put the bloom back on your apple. A treat from Sugarcube Corner will cheer you up!
Apple Bloom: No, it won't.
Pinkie Pie: A party will cheer you up!
Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle: [blow party whistles]
Apple Bloom: No, it won't.
Rarity: A lovely new chapeau will cheer you up.
Apple Bloom: No, it won't.
Scootaloo: Come on Apple Bloom. It's just a cutie mark.
Sweetie Belle: Or lack of a cutie mark!
Scootaloo: Shh! That's not helping!
Scootaloo: Apple Bloom, where are you going?! Apple Bloom, come back!
[Apple Bloom ventures forth into the Everfree Forest. Tripping over a gnarled tree root and falling from an escarpment, Apple Bloom chips her tooth.]
Zecora: Well, who is it we have here? Why, it's Apple Bloom, my dear!
Apple Bloom: [groans in pain]
Zecora: What has happened to you, youth? Ah! You've gone and chipped your tooth.
Zecora: Come with me. I have just the trick, that will fix you up quite quick.
At Zecora's house ~
Apple Bloom: I tried everything, Zecora, and still no cutie mark. Why, I'm gonna be as old as Granny Smith and still have a blank flank.
Zecora: Your frustration is well understood, but one must be patient for all things good.
Apple Bloom: I've heard that from everypony I know, and now from every zebra I know. I'm just too impatient to be patient. I just want my cutie mark, and I want it now!
Zecora: For your cutie mark you will have to wait. We must fix that tooth before it's too late. Now, drink down every little drop and this mixture will mend that chip on top.
[Apple Bloom drinks the potion in one, long draw]
Apple Bloom: Oh my star apples, you did it Zecora! Golly. You have tonics that heal all sorts of ailments: bad bones, bad back, bad breath.
Zecora: Yes, little one. It is true. I have many a healing brew.
Apple Bloom: And not only stuff that fixes the bad, but stuff that brings the good: good health, good hair, good heavens! Hmmmm... I bet you can mix up a brew to fix anything.
Zecora: There are many mixtures in this room, but none for what you want, dear Apple Bloom. A magic potion does not hold the key. For a cutie mark, time is the only remedy.
Apple Bloom: deadpans - Fine.
Apple Bloom: What'cha got goin' on there?
Zecora: I am brewing up another mix for a rooster and his chicks. It seems the rooster has lost his crow, making mornings very slow.
Apple Bloom: Hey, I've seen that flower bloomin' in Ponyville. What is it?
Zecora: It is one we call Heart's Desire. A dash will ignite the rooster's fire. With Heart's Desire his talent comes into view, and he's give a mighty "cock-a-doodle-doo!"
Apple Bloom: Zowee! Heart's Desire, huh?
Zecora: I, me! But what is this? I've run out of amathyst. I must go get this purple flower for my brew to have full power!
Apple Bloom: Yeah. You go, you go.
[Fades to black as Zecora leaves and Apple Bloom leers mischievously over a mortar and the coveted flower.]
Later at school ~
Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle: Apple Bloom, you got your cutie mark!
[Apple Bloom proudly displays her cutie mark, which appears to be a metallic ring.]
Sweetie Belle: Um. Apple Bloom? What is it?
Scootaloo: Yeah. Is it an "O?" Is your talent spelling.
Sweetie Belle: Or is it a ring? Are you a jewelry maker?
Twist: Or is it a powdered donut?! 'Cause that sounds delicious!
Apple Bloom: No, it's a loopty-hoop! she nows has a metal hoop around her waist and begins to spin it
Scootaloo: [gasps] A what now?
Apple Bloom: A loopty-hoop. Least that's what I always called it. Applejack made it for me from an old rain barrel when I was littler. Who'da thought loopty-hoopin' would end up bein' my special talent?
Sweetie Belle: Wow! Apple Bloom, that's amazing!
Diamond Tiara: That's is? That's your talent?
Silver Spoon: Spinning a hoop around your waist? Please.
Apple Bloom: Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
[Apple Bloom demonstrates astounding agility and skill.]
Scootaloo: Apple Bloom, you're super-duper, loopty-hooper!
Apple Bloom: Thanks everypony!
[bell rings]
Cheerilee: Alright my little ponies, time for class. [sees the commotion]
Cheerilee: Apple Bloom.
Apple Bloom: Yes, Ms. Cheerilee?
Cheerilee: I want you to take your loopty-hoop into the yard and give us all a lesson in your amazing loopty-hooping!
[all the foals cheer;
Apple Bloom is demonstrating techniques in the schoolyard; Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are falling down]
Apple Bloom: Don't worry gals. Keep at it and you might get to be half as good as me.
[they growl]
Apple Bloom: to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle Great job, girls!
Sweetie Belle: You're too kind, Apple Bloom.
Scootaloo: Yeah, we stink.
Apple Bloom: Nah, ya just need a little practice. Soon you'll be able to...
hoop and bump! Hoop and hop! Hoop and skip! And hoop and flip!
[everypony cheers]
Cheerilee: Show us some more, Apple Bloom
Apple Bloom: Well, alright, just a few more tricks; but be warned: these are advanced moves, not for beginners! Got that, Diamond Tiara?
Diamond Tiara: [growls]
Apple Bloom: I call this one the hoopla! [becomes airborne while spinning the hoop on her tail as it makes a helicoper sound; as another cutie mark - one of plates spinning on sticks - appears beside the original one, she falls to the ground]
Diamond Tiara: Another cutie mark? Hah! I guess that last trick was a lot of hoopla. Those cutie marks are fake!
Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Twist: [gasps]
Apple Bloom: What?! No they're not!
Diamond Tiara: Miss Cheerilee, have you ever heard of a pony with two cutie marks?
Cheerilee: I must say that I never have, but maybe Apple Bloom has two special talents!
Silver Spoon: Oh yeah? Then let's see you do that!
Snips: Spin plates!
Snails: Yeah!
[everypony gasps again]
Sweetie Belle: Two cutie marks?
Scootaloo: Two talents?
Apple Bloom: Aw yeah!
Sweetie Belle: Our friend...
Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle: the most special pony ever!
Apple Bloom: Alright, everypony, You ready for a real show?
[everypony cheers
All the school foals and Cheerilee are strolling through town as Apple Bloom demonstrates her newfound talents, encountering and impressing townsfolk along the way]
Later that evening at Sweet Apple Acres...
Applejack: Yee haw, little sis! Congratulations on gettin' not just one, but two cutie marks! We're mighty proud of you, right Big Macintosh?
Big Macintosh: Ee-yup!
Applejack: I've never seen anythin' like it, have you Big Mac?
Big Macintosh: Nope!
Granny Smith: Why, the way you were a-hoopin' and a-hoppin' and kickin' and spinnin' reminded me of when I was a spry young filly. [stretches a leg]] Ah! Charlie horse, charlie horse! [Big Mac kicks her thigh] Ooh, that's better.
Applejack: Why, Apple Bloom, I think you're ready to hit the rodeo circuit right now!
Apple Bloom: Actually, I'm ready to hit the hay right now. I'm plum tuckered. I'll see y'all in the mornin'. Night!
Applejack: Night!
Oh my, little Apple Bloom has finally blossomed, hasn't she, Big Mac?
Big Macintosh: Ee-yup.
[Applejack is awakened by the sound of tapping down the hall]
Applejack: What in tarnation is that? [she goes to investigate]
Apple Bloom, what is all that awful... tapping? Three cutie marks?!
Apple Bloom: [rasping] Help me! Help me!
Applejack: C'mere, you! [Applejack is struck in the face twice ]Ow! Ow! Whoa!
Apple Bloom: I'm sorry, Applejack! I don't know how to make it stop!
Applejack: Well, I know somepony who might!
Twilight Sparkle: Three cutie marks; three talents. I've never seen anything like it. I was just reading something about unusual equine illnesses. What was it?
Spike: Yes, well, I do have some talents.
Twilight: Hay fever, the trots... [gasps] Cutie Pox!
Apple Bloom, Applejack, & Spike: Cutie Pox?!
'Twilight: Cutie Pox. This puzzling pony plague afflicted a population of ponies back in the paleopony period!
Spike: Heh, say that ten times fast!
Twilight: Random cutie marks appeared all over the ponies' bodies, causing them to perform all the talents that came with them.
Applejack: Yes, but what's the cure?! What's the cure?!
Twilight: It says here there's no known cure!
Apple Bloom, Applejack, & Spike: No known cure?!
Twilight: The cause of the breakout was never discovered, and the Cutie Pox disappears as mysteriously as they arrived!
Apple Bloom: Oh no! [A fleur de lis suddenly appears on Apple Bloom] Sacrebleu ! Plus de marques de cutie! [gasps] Qu'est-ce c'est?! Je parle français?!
Applejack: My sister's speakin' in fancy!
Twilight Sparkle: She needs help!
Applejack: I know she needs help! We can't just wait for this to go away! We gotta find somepony to mix up a cure! And fast!
Apple Bloom: Tout de suite!
Twilight Sparkle: Not some pony, some zebra!
Applejack: Zecora!
[Applejack, and Twilight are galloping off to Zecora's place with Spike in tow, Apple Bloom is tap dancing along as quickly as she can]
Applejack: Hurry, hurry!
Apple Bloom: Dépêchez-vous!
[Many more cutie marks appear all over her body in rapid succesion as she is compelled to perform each action associated with the latest mark]
Lily: She's cursed!
Rose: Hexed!
Daisy: Enchanted!
Spike: No, she's not.
[Daisy, Lily, & Rose sigh]
Spike: She just has some weird mysterious disease with no known cure called Cutie Pox.
Everypony: Cutie Pox?! [screams]
Zecora coincidentally makes her way into town at this time ~
Zecora: I thought I had removed their fear the last time that I visited here. But, doors are barred and shutters shut. Guess I should've stayed inside my hut.
Twilight: Zecora! Apple Bloom has Cutie Pox! We were just on our way to see if you had a cure!
Applejack: But magically you're here! Was your zebra sense a tinglin'?
Zecora: My "zebra sense" did not bring me 'round, it was a special flower that I needed found. I thought I picked enough to fix all the potions I had to mix, but after my visit from Apple Bloom, some had mysteriously left my room. Apple Bloom, what do you say? Did this flower just walk away?
Apple Bloom: I, um...
Zecora: A Cutie Pox cure I have forsooth, for healing power is in the Seeds of Truth.
Applejack: W- well then, give 'em to her! Quick!
Zecora: These seeds must be planted in the ground. With the truth, they'll grow, and the cure is found.
Applejack: Come again?
Zecora: The Seeds of Truth do hold the cure, but one must speak words true and pure.
Applejack: Well, then let's get to it! [hastily buries the seeds] Alright, they're planted. Now somepony tell the truth!
Applejack: Somepony! Anypony!
Pinkie Pie: [From the door of Sugarcube Corner] Yesterday I told Mrs. Cake that I ate two corn cakes, but I really ate three!
[Applejack and Twilight observe the spot where the seeds were planted, then look back at Pinkie when nothing happens]
Pinkie: OK, six! I ate six corn cakes!
[Applejack and Twilight again check the ground, then look back at Pinkie]
Pinkie: Make it stop! Oh, make it stoooop!
Apple Bloom: I can't stand it any more! It's me! I admit it! I didn't earn my cutie mark! They're all fake! I figured the Heart's Desire would help me get what I wanted most! So when Zecora left her hut, I mixed up a special potion and put the rest of the Heart's Desire in it!
[the seeds sprout into a beautiful white and pink flower]
Townsfolk: Whoooaaa...
Apple Bloom: [quickly devours the seeds, sighs, and collapses; all of her cutie marks vanish]
Sweetie Belle: Apple Bloom!
Scootaloo: Are you OK?
Apple Bloom: I'm great, and I've never been happier to be a blank flank. But I'm awful sorry I lied, especially to you gals. I was so desperate for my cutie mark, I just got carried away. And I'm really sorry I snuck those flowers from you, Zecora. Why, I wouldn't blame you if you never wanted me to come by again.
Zecora: Now, Apple Bloom, do not be silly. You are always welcome, my little filly. With each mistake you learn something new, growing up into a better you.
[the view pans away from Zecora to Applejack and Twilight as she's speaking, and when she finishes speaking, she disappears]
Twilight: Apple Bloom, would you mind writing to Princess Celestia and telling her what you've learned?
Apple Bloom: I'd be happy to, Twilight! Spike?
Spike: Ready!
Apple Bloom: Dear Princess Celestia, waiting for what your heart desires can be really hard, so you may try to take a shortcut. But this dishonesty never works, because you didn't earn what your heart desired. The only cure is being honest with yourself, and others. And that's something every heart desires.
Spike sends the letter
Applejack: I sure am proud of you, sis. Seems like you finally learned the importance of patience.
Apple Bloom: Yep! All good things come to those who wait...
Well, I've waited long enough!
Scootaloo: Actually, that was way too long.
Applejack: What?!
Apple Bloom: So what are we gonna do today to earn our cutie marks?
Scootaloo: Well, I was thinking for a pony who's never mixed up a potion before, you sure stirred up something fierce.
Sweetie Belle: Yeah! So what if your talent is potion making?
Apple Bloom: Oh my gosh! Totally! Let's go talk to Zecora! Now!
Scootaloo: Yeah!
Sweetie Belle: Woohoo!


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