The Show Stoppers

Show Stoppers
Date March 4th, 2011
Theme Humor
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Show Stoppers is the eighteenth episode of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was aired on March 4th, 2011 on The Hub. It is about the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their attempt at getting their Cutie Marks.


In the beginning of this episode Applejack shows the Cutie Mark Crusaders an old club house she used to use when she was a filly. However the club house needs to be remodeled because it hasn’t been used in quite some time. Moving on, it shows Scootaloo riding a scooter around town drawing a map for their club house. The map contains places like Sugarcube Corner, the Library, Sweet Apple Acres, the apple farm, a pond, a mountain peak, and Rarity’s boutique. After finishing the map, Scootaloo heads back to the club house where it shows each (All 3 of the Cutie Mark Crusaders) of their believed special talents. Scootaloo shows her one of her possible talents by doing a 360 jump on her scooter. When she arrives at the club house, the entire place has been remodeled very nicely by Apple Bloom, hinting that her talent deals with something artistic. And when they try and find Sweetie Belle, she is found by her “Awesome” voice and on the spot made their own theme song. This hinted that she is very good at singing.

After they find each other, they hang the map up and begin their journey in trying to find their Cutie Mark’s. They first start out at Sweet Apple Acres where they attempt to feed the pigs in the barn. Everything goes smoothly until they let the pigs out of the pin and trample over them. The next adventure is trying to create taffy at the Sugarcube Corner. Scootaloo throws in all of the flavors and gets stuck in the machine, carrying the rest of them with her. They leave the store with taffy stuck to their bodies and they are stuck together. The next attempt is at Rarity’s Carousel Boutique where they attempt dying the hair of other ponies. Though one got a hideous looking hair color with a horrible haircut and ran out of the building crying. They attempt trying to play a game like guess who where you guess the right image, eventually Apple Bloom messes up the game. The next one was climbing the peak of a mountain and the next is about catching fish. All of these attempts to find their cutie marks fail. As they are at the final place, the Library, Twilight Sparkle and Cheerilee come into the library, confused as to why there are tons of books on the ground. Cheerilee mentions to the Crusaders that there is going to be a talent show coming up soon. This will give them an opportunity to showcase their talents and hopefully find their cutie marks.

Working away at what they want to do for their performance, the Cutie Mark Crusaders need a certain list of supplies for the show. They need; fabric from Rarity (that Sweetie Belle “borrowed”), a fan from Mr Breezy, 6 wooden planks (4x8 plywood), 4 different types of paint and 4 paint brushes, and a book called “Ghost, Goblins, and Ghoulish Figures”. After they get all of the materials, they begin asking what each person wants to do. This is the second time that they hint that Sweetie Belle is very proficient at singing. Although, Sweetie Belle would rather create the costumes and the props like her big sister would. She is apparently afraid of crowds listening to her music also. Scootaloo decided that she doesn’t want to choreography the dance moves, but she wants to sing. And lastly Apple Bloom decided that she wants to learn Kong Fu moves for the play.

The third scene that hints at their talents is when they are trying to prepare for the performance, each pony is having a difficult time with the position they’ve chosen. You first see Apple Bloom not being able to spin successfully and runs into where Scootaloo is practicing. Scootaloo explains to her how to do a spin move and shows her how to do one. This hints that Scootaloo is very good at dancing and balance. Moving onward, Scootaloo is having a very tough time trying to write the song they will be singing. Sweetie Belle hears her and tries helping her by fixing up her lyrics and creating the pitches of the song. This hinted once again that Sweetie Belle’s special talent is singing. Lastly Sweetie Belle is creating very poorly made costumes. Apple Bloom comes over and mentions that when making a costume, you use one of the mannequins’ to make everything accurate. And while helping her out there, she also mentions to her that she should clean her paint brushes to bring the color back in the props. This hinted that she is knowledgeable of problems in art and can fix them.

Just before the show was going to happen, Applejack decided to stop by the club house and see how the girls are doing with their performance. When she looked into the window, she did not see anything promising by the looks of her face. The girls notice she was near the club house and immediately ask her if she heard/saw them. She couldn’t formulate words to describe the performance and led Scootaloo to believe that it was speechless (as in good). At the show, a few other performers went first, like; Snips and Snails with their magic trick, Sunny Days and Peachy Pie reciting their favorite poem on rollerblades, and then the Cutie Mark Crusaders are up. They deliver a horrible performance and eventually the whole set falls and crashes. Although they created a horrendous performance, the crowd thought it was supposed to be a funny act and ended up giving them the best comedy award. At the end of the show, Twilight Sparkle asks them if they found what they wanted and that they should go with what they really enjoy doing. However because they had just gotten the award, they mistake their horrendous performance with comedy and think they all are great at comedy.

Letter To Princess Celestia

There is no letter to Princess Celestia but Twilight does mention that she wanted to send a letter to her with details on what the girls learned that day.

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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