The Ticket Master

The Ticket Master
Date October 29th, 2010
Theme Decision making
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The Ticket Master is the third episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on The Hub on October 29th, 2010. It is about Twilight Sparkle's decision in taking 1 of her friends to the Grand Galloping Gala.


At the beginning of the episode, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and Applejack are on there way back to Sweet Apple Acres after picking a bunch of delicious apples. Applejack thanks Twilight for helping her pick the apples whilst also telling a bet Applejack made with Big Macintosh that if she brought back the apples before lunch, he would walk down the street with one of Granny Smith's girdles on. Spike mentions how slow they were at picking the apples when he was just lounging around, not helping them whatsoever. Spike then burps and a letter from Princess Celestia comes out from the smoke. The letter read that Twilight is invited to the Grand Galloping Gala plus one friend of hers. Along with the letter is the two tickets for the Gala.

Applejack begins talking about why she would want to go to the gala. She would love to because she would want to open up a apple stand at the Grand Galloping Gala, she would get a ton of business. With the money she gained from the gala would go towards rebuilding the barns roof, Big Macintosh would get a new plow, and Granny Smith would get her hip replaced. Applejack mentioned she would give her left hind flank to go to gala. Twilight begins asking Applejack if she would like go to the gala, but Rainbow Dash dropped in before she could finish.

Rainbow Dash overhearing their conversation gets excited about the Grand Galloping Gala and begins talking about her reason to go. Her reason in going is the Wonderbolts go every single year. Rainbow Dash would come in during their performance and show them her amazing flying talents. After her superb demonstration of flying, the Wonderbolts will immediately ask her to join them and incorporate her tricks into the routine. Rainbow Dash begins begging Twilight Sparkle for the ticket when Applejack pulls her back and they argue about who is going to get the ticket. Twilight breaks up the two and tells them she has to figure out who has the best reason on going. Though, both of her friends have very good decisions and doesn't know which one should go. Because of her hunger, she puts off thinking about who will have the other ticket and moves back to Ponyville.

Upon walking back to town, Pinkie Pie runs out of the Sugarcube Corner and ends up crashing into Twilight Sparkle and Spike. The tickets fall onto her face and she freaks out thinking that there are bats on her face. Once she comes to realize that they are the tickets to the Gala, she begins to sing a song about how amazing the gala would be if she went. She would enjoy being at a massive party, all of the decorations, all of the sugary sweets and all of the fun. After she sings her song about the gala, she immediately thinks Twilight got her the tickets as a gift and jumps around in joy.

During the commotion of Pinkie Pie jumping around in joy, Rarity walks up and spots the tickets. She then explains that she makes formal dresses every year for the event but hasn't been able attend the even yet. If she were to go to the gala she would go there to look for her perfect man. The perfect man would be Princess Celestia's nephew. They would dance at the gala in perfect harmony and at the end of the evening would ask her hoof for marriage. Rarity would immediately say yes and be married into the royal family. After her story she expresses her issue that Twilight might give the tickets to Pinkie Pie.

While Rarity is in the middle of talking, Fluttershy's bunny, Angel. Twilight Sparkle mentions to everyone that she has not made up her mind on whom should go to the gala. Soon after, Fluttershy tells her reason why she would like to go to the gala. She would like to go to the gala, not for the actual party or gala itself, but the private gated garden that surrounds the dance. She will talk to new types of animals she has never seen before, making all of these new friends. Just then Rainbow Dash comes out overhearing that Twilight might be giving the tickets to Fluttershy. Following Rainbow Dash, Applejack comes into the scene keeping an eye on Rainbow Dash so she wouldn't do any 'funny business'. The ponies get into a big argument on whom is going to the gala before Twilight breaks it up and mentions to everyone that it is her decision and who's reason is the best should go to the gala.

Though, throughout the day she could not make up her mind, having every pony try and give her favors to lean towards their side. When Pinkie Pie began singing about the gala in the public, people got word of Twilight's ticket and caused the whole town to beg Twilight to take the person with her. Eventually this lead to Twilight being surrounded by many ponies. This caused her horn to use her Teleport Magic and brought her and Spike back to the Library. Upon turning on the light, all of her friends were sitting there waiting for her and caused her to yell at her friends in frustration telling them the favors aren't helping the situation and she can't figure out who to go because they all have great reasons.

Upon seeing Twilight Sparkle upset, all of her friends declined the tickets because it was making her unhappy. Twilight told Spike to write a letter to Princess Celestia telling her that she is declining the invitation going, stating that if all of her friends can't go, she's not going to the gala. Soon after the message was sent, Princess Celestia sends another back giving 6 tickets to the gala instead of 2 for all of Twilight's friends and herself. Right at the end Spike ends up getting one himself and is joyful of going. (even though earlier he stated that he didn't want to go to 'some girly party')

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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