Species Earth Pony
Type Recurring Character
Eyes Light fuchsia
Mane Brilliant red
Coat Amber
Cutie Mark Heart formed by two peppermints
Special Trait Making peppermint candies
Voice Actor(s) Unknown

Twist is one of Apple Bloom's school-age earth pony classmates with a slight speech impediment.



She is a pale pony with a curly red mane and tail, and she wears large glasses. All this giving her a nerd appearance.

Cutie Mark

She was called a "blank flank" by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon along with Apple Bloom, until she discovered that her special talent was making peppermint candies, which earned her her cutie mark: which is a heart formed by two peppermint candy canes. Although, in a later episode The Show Stoppers she is shown next to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon with a blank flank.


Twist has a personality of a nerd, but she is very generous and supportive of Apple Bloom. Since she is a "nerd", she shows several stereotypical nerd traits, such as her curly red mane and tail, pale coast, really large glasses, and a nasal speech impediment (having a hard time pronouncing W's and S's).


Twist is shown to live in a house, but her parents are unknown.

Episode Appearances

Season 1:

Season 2:

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