Ursa Major

Ursa Major
Ursa Major.jpg
Species Ursa
Type Wild Animal
Eyes Red
Mane N/A
Coat Transparent purple with glowing white spots
Cutie Mark N/A
Special Trait A nurturing parent

Ursa Major only appears for a few seconds within the show, rocking its baby Ursa Minor while it it feeds. Given that the Ursa Minor is roughly as big as a small house, an Ursa Major would be the size of a small castle.


An extremely large and somewhat bear and rodent-like in appearance with oversized teeth and claws. Transparent purple in color and glowing white spots within that are meant to represent stars, including what appears to be the big dipper in the tail region. It has a large blue star shape on its forehead possibly intended to represent Polaris (North Star) like its offspring.


Episode Appearances

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