Shadow of Death
SoD Custom Pony.png
Enhancing vision with a classy yet practical accessory
Age 27
Gender Male
Species Pegasus
Appearance Grey coat with large wings, short black mane and tail. Pale blue monocle
Cutie Mark Light grey computer mouse
Special talents Animated GIFs and general computer skills

Shadow of Death is a grown Gentlecolt often seen flying in a leisurely fashion. He uses a monocle because his vision isn't particularly good. Why a monocle though?

"Other Pony vision enhancing tools look patently ridiculous", he is quoted as saying.

His speed isn't particularly impressive, but his large wings lend some strength which allows him to counter resistance better than the smaller, swifter ponies.

The human Shadow of Death is a MLP wiki contributor and currently the moderator of:
Friendship is Magic
PC Games