Winter Wrap Up

Winter Wrap Up
Date December 24, 2010
Song(s): Winter Wrap Up (song)
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The episode begins with Spike snoring quite loudly. Then Twilight Sparkle quickly wakes up and is excited because it is “Winter Wrap Up” day. Spike is tired and calls Twilight mommy, then realizes she is not. Twilight Sparkle then explains to him that the first day of spring is tomorrow and that the everypony needs to help clean up winter. Spike then wonders who “cleans up winter” instead of using magic to change the seasons like they do in Canterlot. Twilight explains to him that Ponyville was started by Earth Ponies and that for hundreds of years they never used magic to clean up winter and that it’s traditional. Spike thinks all of this is ridiculous. Twilight then checks off stuff on her checklist, which includes Spike refusing to get up out of bed. She is then ready to go out and help, but realizes it’s a little too early.

Twilight Sparkle then runs towards the crowd where they are having a meeting about Winter Wrap Up. While she is going to the meeting she describes the team vests that Rarity designed. Blue for the weather team, green for the plant team, and tan for the animal team. She wonders what team vest she would be wearing, but all Spike cares about is going back to bed, saying “I'll take a blue vest, same color as my blankie, which I think I hear calling my name. "Spike! Spike! Come to bed!" Ugh, it's too early.”

Twilight Sparkle then approaches the crowd. Where the The Mayor thanks everypony for showing up bright and earlier. She then talks about needing every ponies help, then the crowd cheers. She also states that everyone has their vests and has been assigned to their teams, except for Twilight Sparkle of course (jumping up and down in the crowd). She tells them to do better than last year and to make it the quickest Winter Wrap Up ever. Twilight Sparkle thinks this is all exciting, but she is not sure where she would fit in at

(Winter Wrap Up song)

When the song ends, Twilight Sparkle is still worried and doesn’t know what team she should go to. She sees Rainbow Dash and asks her what she’s doing, which she replies with “Sending off one of my flight crews to retrieve the birds that have flown south for the winter.”. Twilight asked if she could help, but she forgets that she doesn’t have any wings. Rainbow Dash then apologizes and flies off. Twilight then wonders what she should do next, but then turns around to see Spike laying in the bushes sleeping. She tells Spike that finding her part to help is serious business.

Twilight Sparkle tries to help Rarity

The next scene starts with Rarity working on a birds nest. Twilight Sparkle walks up to her asking if she can help her with anything and.. Rarity asks her if she would like to help build Ponyville’s finest birds nests. Twilight Sparkle tells her that her bird nest is beautiful. Then Rarity asks her if she would like to try, she then uses her magic to take a basket and dump out the supplies for Twilight to use. When Twilight is working on it, Rarity doesn’t seem to agree with what she is doing, trying to direct her when she is doing it.

When Twilight finishes, she was excited until she turned and looked at Rarity’s nest, which was a lot better. Spike then says that the nest needs to be condemned. Rarity tells Spike that’s it’s not so bad, and before she could say what the birds could use it for Spike interrupts with “an outhouse?”. She says it’s just fine, and gets lost when trying to fix the nest. Spike then says “I think we lost her”. Twilight is actually upset and walks off.

Twilight Sparkle tries to help Pinkie Pie

The next scene starts with Twilight Sparkle finding Pinkie Pie skating on ice. Pinkie Pie notices her and says hello to her. Twilight Sparkle acknowledges that Pinkie Pie is probably one of the best skaters she’s ever seen. Pinkie Pie answers by telling her that she’s been doing it ever since she was a filly. Pinkie Pie tells her that she is the designated lake scorer. Twilight Sparkle thinks this is clever because the ice would break along the likes when the weather team comes to break it. Pinkie Pie then suggests that Twilight Sparkle puts on some skates and helps her. Twilight Sparkle puts on the skates, but she begins to have second thoughts about it, but Spike tells her that she wanted to help so he pushes her onto the ice.

But this ended up being a bad idea. Twilight Sparkle crashes into Pinkie Pie which leads them into crashing into Spike into the snow. After they crash, Spike jokily laughs and calls her a naturally disaster. Pinkie Pie tells her that her first time was probably just as bad, Twilight Sparkle replies with “really?”, but Pinkie Pie thinks and says no. Pinkie Pie asks if this cheered her up, but Twilight Sparkle lies and says yes. Pinkie Pie then suggests that she goes and helps Fluttershy with the animals.

Twilight Sparkle tries to help Fluttershy

When Twilight Sparkle gets there, Fluttershy is waking up some animals out of a cave. Fluttershy tells them that waking up the animals is her favorite task of the day. Spike asks what hibernation is, she replies with “a long sleep”. She also tells him that animals do it to save their energy and eat less food. (wakes up porcupines) Spike likes this idea, except for the eat less food part. The porcupines then hug each other, but forgot about their spikes and end up pricking each other. Fluttershy then gets worried that she wouldn’t be able to wake up all the animals in time, so Twilight Sparkle offers her help.

Twilight picks a cave to start at and begins to wake them up, she wonders what cute creatures she was going to wake up, but to her surprise snakes were in the cave, so she gets scared and runs backwards into another cave which had bats in it, she then runs into a tree and a beehive falls on her head, then running backwards in a cave with skunks in it. The next scene starts out with Spike giving Twilight Sparkle a bath in tomato juice to get rid of the skunk smell. Twilight talks about how hard Winter Wrap Up actually is, Spike tells her it’s because theres no magic, and also tells her to use magic because of how quicker they could wrap up winter with it. But Twilight wants to find another way and do it the traditional way.

Twilight Sparkle tries to help Applejack

In the next scene, Twilight Sparkle finally goes to Applejack to help. Twilight asks how everything is going, and Applejack says it’s going just dandy, but a little slow starting. Twilight offers her help, and Applejack seems surprised by this and doesn’t think she should, but Twilight says she should give her a chance. Twilight gets on one of the snow-plows and tries to move it, but she is too weak to even make it budge. Twilight then remembers what Spike said about using her magic and uses a come to life spell on the snow-plow and it begins to move. Applejack seems to be catching on a bit, and Spike realizes what Twilight is doing and says “that's my girl, following my advice.”.

Twilight’s plan then seems to backfire, because the plow kept going faster and faster until she rolled up a big snowball and crashed into Applejack and Spike. Applejack then asked what was going on and if she used magic, they then crash into a pile of snow and snow from a cliff top falls down, which will make the work even harder for the earth ponies who are plowing. Applejack proceeds to yell at her for using magic. Twilight Sparkle then runs off.

Argument and Conflict

The next scene starts off with some Pegasus Ponies knocking some snow out of a tree into a cart an earth pony is pulling. Twilight Sparkle is hiding in a bush because she is embarrassed, and Spike tells her she’s good a lot of things, but not nest-making, ice-skating, animal-waking or snow clearing. Twilight Sparkle sarcastically tells him thanks for making her feel a lot better. Then Applejack tells Rainbow Dash that her and the weather need to melt the rest of the snow on the ground and trees, but Fluttershy says she can’t because the animals homes will flood if she does. But Applejack tells her she must do it now, and Fluttershy says she must wait. Applejack tells her to go but Fluttershy says stops, and this goes on for a few seconds, until Rainbow Dash tells them to make up their minds.

The Mayor then enters and asks what they are arguing about and tells them that’s why they were late last year, and the last two years. She hoped her speech would make everyone do better too, she just explains everything that is wrong. The ice scorers making the ice chunks too big to melt; the nest designer (Rarity being horrendously behind, saying that they need several hundred, but Rarity only made one.

She also says there are still clouds in the sky, the icicles being on the trees, and says that none of this is good at all. Applejack says it will be even worst if the earth ponies can’t get all their seeds planted. Rainbow Dash says that the Pegasus Ponies are “busting their chops” as fast as they can’t, and Fluttershy tells her that they can’t go fast because you have to wake up animals slowly. Big Macintosh then grabs Applejack’s attention, Applejack then asks if Cameral lost the grass seeds again, and Big Macintosh replies with his signature “Ai-yup”.

A Pegasus pony then tells them that Dizty Doo went north to get the southern birds. Rainbow Dash calls Dizty Doo a featherbrain saying “didn’t she learn her lesson last year when she went west?”. The ponies then all start arguing, until The Mayor tells them to stop, saying that they don’t have time to argue because it’s almost sundown, and wishes they could be more organized.


Hearing this Twilight Sparkle tells Spike to get her checklist and clipboard. Twilight Sparkle tries to tell them to stop, but can’t get them to listen so she uses her magic on a bird to make it make a whistling sound. She tells them that arguing is not the way to go about it, and that they need organization and that she’s the pony for the job. So the ponies all start working hard, making bird nests, ice scoring, plowing the snow and planting seeds, waking up all the animals, clearing the clouds and the trees of snow and icicles. The birds from the south then come swarming in.

Spike checks off all of this as it’s getting done. The Mayor can’t believe that spring is on time, saying that if it wasn’t for Twilight Sparkle’s organizing skills they would still be arguing, Big Macintosh then says “Ai-yup”, making everypony laugh. The Mayor then gives her the title “All-Team Organizer”, and gives her a vest that has all of the other vest colors into one. Twilight Sparkle doesn’t know what to say, but ends up saying thanks. The Mayor then tells the crowd that winter is wrapped up on time. Applejack then says that Spike will be in for a surprise when he wakes up, because they put him on a piece of ice that is the last piece to melt. Twilight Sparkle then begins to write her letter to Princess Celestia.

Letter To Princess Celestia

At the end of the episode, Twilight Sparkle writes a note to Princess Celestia regarding the lesson she learned that day, which is as follows:

Dear Princess Celestia,

Winter Wrap Up was one of the most special things I’ve ever been a part of here in Ponyville. It helped me to learn that we all have hidden talents, and if we’re patient and diligent, we’re sure to find them, and as always with good friendship and teamwork, ponies can accomplish anything.

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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