Species Zebra
Type Minor Character
Eyes Turquoise
Mane Striped (White and dark gray)
Coat Striped (Dark and light gray)
Cutie Mark A spiral surrounded by outwardly pointing triangles - resembles the sun
Special Trait Folk medicine.
Voice Actor(s) Brenda Crichlow (English)
Arianne Borbach (German)
Martina Thovez (Italian)
Rebeca Manríquez (Latin American Spanish, Season 1)
Gabrieal Guzmán (Latin American Spanish, Season 2)
Anna Gajewska (Polish)

Zecora lives alone in a hollowed-out in the Everfree Forest, occasionally venturing to Ponyville to shop. She is shunned by the ponies for her unusual appearance although she often shrouds herself with a cloak while in town - shopkeepers close their stores, parents pull their foals indoors, everypony locks their doors; the town appears abandoned.

The Mane Six are also suspicious of her with the exception of the ever practical and ever skeptical Twilight. Nothing is known of Zecora's past or where she came from. She has stated no reason for moving to the Everfree Forest. Her home is filled with baubles and masks from her native land, which is described only as "a faraway land" by Twilight. Her special talent is folk medicine; she demonstrates some of her knowledge in curing the mane 6 of a poison joke infection.

She has an African-sounding accent and always speaks in rhymes. While stirring a cauldron in the episode Bridle Gossip she recited a nursery rhyme in her native language. She also reverts to that language when agitated.

In Swarm of the Century Zecora is able to identify the parasprites for Twilight Sparkle but has no knowledge on how to eradicate the infestation.

Twilight pays Zecora a visit in Stare Master to obtain her favorite tea. Zecora remains unseen in this episode. It is implied Twilight actually does go to see her when she is shown later in the episode sipping tea with Fluttershy.



Zecora wears more accessories than any pony. She wears a large earring in her right ear, neck rings, and rings about her front right leg. Her coat is striped gray, and her mane is striped gray and white. Her eyes are turquoise. Her cutie mark is a spiraled sun.

Cutie Mark

She has a Spiral Sun on the side of thigh, it wasn't told how she obtained it.


Once intimidated by every pony in Ponyville, Zecora is actually quite smart when it comes to natural cures and remedies for things. Which can be seen in the episode Bridle Gossip when the six main ponies step in the Poison Joke plant when Zecora tried to warn them, but she ended up coming up with a remedy to help fix this.


She lives in a hut in the Everfree Forest.

Episode Appearances

Season 1:

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